Angelo Lotti

Architect, painter and sculptor – He lives in Carovigno (Puglia – Italy), where he works in an art and architecture studio. Specialized in oil painting, portraiture, sculpture on marble, stone and wood.

Graduated in Architecture at the Polytechnic of Bari, with a thesis in Urban and Architectural Restoration.
He studied painting, clay modeling and stone carving mainly by himself.


From the first years of age, I tried to make art in every way, sculpting with earth, with plasticine, with clay, with bread crumbs; I spontaneously painted on the walls and drew everywhere. For many years then, my rational thinking has done everything to hinder the true artistic nature, aware of the fact that the life of an artist is much more dif fi cult than a “normal” person. So in 2005 I enrolled at an agricultural technical institute, listening to my sensitivity towards botanical life and agriculture, which is still a practical hobby.

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Oil on Canvas
140×160 cm


Oil on Table
50×50 cm


Oil on Linen Canvas
30×40 cm


Oil on Canvas
40×50 cm


Oil on Canvas
60×120 cm


Oil on Canvas
50×70 cm


Oil on Linen Canvas
30×40 cm


Oil on Linen Canvas
85×76 cm


Oil on Linen Canvas
30×40 cm


Oil on Canvas
70×70 cm


Oil on Linen Canvas
55×55 cm


Subsequently I exhibited my works on the occasion of the gathering of vintage motor yachts in Imperia with other artists, then in May 2003 I participated in a collective exhibition in an art gallery, also in my country, entitled “We who lose time and we can’t wait “. In 2005 I enriched the Cavour theater foie in Imperia with my paintings for a musical review dedicated to Lucio Battisti, entitled “La Lira Battistiana” and on that occasion I painted two works dedicated to Lucio that you can see inside my site . In the following years I have occasionally exhibited my works in clubs of friends or admirers and in some art gallery of the Ligurian provinces. I also curated the sets of the San Lorenzo al Mare tree theater where the musical “Hair” was performed, where I painted several paintings that represented the musical’s main scenes, and a concert dedicated to the great Fabrizio De Andrè. In April 2010 I organized a vernissage in an aesthetic association. I paint with acrylic colors on plywood boards, scaffolding boards, as long as it is wood that gives me the most emotion. The subjects of my paintings are the most disparate, animals, landscapes, flowers, houses, glimpses of the sea or details that attract my eye and my soul, most of the time I create some work on the return from my travels around the world . The best thing for me, when someone looks at my painting, is not selling it, but the emotions it can arouse when looking at it. Recently I made paintings and decorations in a farmhouse in the Ligurian hinterland, a farmhouse that has maintained the traditions of painting and the characteristics of Ligurian villages. Space in many artistic and craft fields using different raw materials for the creation of unique artifacts. I have enriched my pictorial background by attending courses in nail art and Chinese micro painting, in order to emerge in the field of nail art, that is nail reconstruction and subsequent decoration. In addition, I was part of a theater company in Imperia of which, as well as an actress, I took care of both the sets and the make-up, I attended a professional make-up course at a school in Genoa and I graduated with top marks. I work as a dermopigmenter, both aesthetic and medical. I deal with the semi-permanent tattoo of eyebrow and mouth eyebrows and in implementing the “technical-clinical protocol for the treatment of post-mastectomy mammary areola through the use of three-dimensional graphics techniques for an areolar reconstruction natural and lasting ”. This is also art … ..

Events & Exhibitions


– 04/18 July – Collective exhibition – The state of the art at the time of the 58th Venice Biennale – by the art critic prof. Giorgio Gregorio Grasso
– 09/12 May – Collective – At the Kantiere Sociale “Peppino Impastato” in Carovigno (BR)


– 15 December, 31 January – Selection and participation at BIBART – 2nd International Biennial of Art in Bari and metropolitan area
– 1/3 September – Collective exhibition / competition “Città Bianca – Ostuni Trophy (BR)
– 10/12 May – Collective exhibition – At the Kantiere Sociale Peppino Impastato in Carovigno (BR)
– April 29th – Collective exhibition “Domenica a Palazzo, Arti e mestieri” – At Palazzo Cirignola in Ostuni (BR)


– 17 December / 7 January – Collective exhibition “Natale in Arte” – At the castle of Carovigno (BR)
– 31 August / 3 September – Collective exhibition / competition “Città Bianca – Ostuni Trophy (BR)
– 28 July – Exhibition of paintings in the historic center of Carovigno (BR) in conjunction with the summer event “Summer Food Festival”


– 20 July / 10 September – Permanent exhibition in the course of Torre Santa Sabina (Carovigno) BR


– “La Maya Desnuda” by Silvia Arfelli organizes an exhibition event (collective exhibition) in which the artist Angelo Lotti participates with n. 2 medium-sized works in London, in the spaces of the “Rag Factory”, Heneage Street, Brick Lane, London, United Kingdom, from 4 to 13 December 2015
– May 15/18 – ROMArt, Biennale of Art and Culture in Rome – collective exhibition.
– 25 March 2015 – IX City of Savona Grand Prix – Interior poetry – collective exhibition.
– Published in the English magazine Hidden Treasure Art & Magazine – Spring 2015


– Passion Art Barcelona II – (Collective Exhibition) – International Art Event From 15 to 29 November 2014 at the Ada Art Gallery in Barcelona the works of 52 selected artists from Italy, United States, Paraguay, Holland, Puerto Rico and Portugal were exhibited .
– Exhibition of the selected artists of the “IL TEMPO” INTERNATIONAL COMPETITION – (Collective Exhibition) Place: Piacenza Art Gallery La Spadarina Strada Agazzana, 14
– From April 17th to May 3rd – The portrait of Dorian Gray, collective exhibition at the Coronari 111 Art Gallery in Rome
– From 28 November to 7 December – International Art Award Castelli di Puglia, organized by the International Academy of Art 74, an international exhibition of contemporary art.


– 24/27 July “Boccondivino” – Personal exhibition in the streets of the historic center
– 12/15 August “Boccondivino Extraordinary Edition” – Personal exhibition in the streets of the historic center
– 10/11 November – San Martino Arte e Vino – staff – Castello dentice di Frasso Carovigno (BR)


– Collective exhibition of artists at the Castle, evening of culture and entertainment in the ancient village of Carovigno.

Awards & Publications

  • International Art Award Castelli di Puglia of 7 December
  • Winner with the painting “Women” of the prize for the most voted work “at the 1st Painting Competition of Club Painters
  • 1st place at the 2014 Modern Art First Prize in Alessandria
  • Diploma and title of “Meritorious of Italian Art” awarded by the Santa Sara Academy of Alessandria
  • Published in 2014 the Monograph ‘The landscape in art’ – Publisher: Swing Edizioni
  • Publication on Info Arte 2015, Annual Catalog of the Santa Sara Academy of Alessandria
  • Awarded the “Michele Cretì” Culture Award in the city of Carovigno April 2015
  • Certificate of artistic merit issued by the 20th Century Art Movement of Savona, with a critical note for the painting “The Persistence of Art”.
  • 1st Prize for the SCULPTURE section of the White City Trophy of Ostuni – 31 August / 3 September 2017
  • Special Mention, SCULPTURE section of the Città Bianca di Ostuni Trophy – 1/3 September 2018
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