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Claudio Malacarne was born in Mantua in the summer of 1956, when the sun had already entered the Cancer constellation. Since his very first works, drawing emerges as a privileged domain of action and reflection: very wide, autonomous and complementary to the pictorial practice. It’s an uninterrupted lab, a continuous diary, where an interior need is satisfied, the existential urge to possess reality through the image that recreates it.

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Oil on Canvas
200×160 cm


Oil on Canvas
200×160 cm


Oil on Canvas
100×100 cm


Oil on Canvas
200×160 cm


Oil on Canvas
100×150 cm


Oil on Canvas
110×160 cm


Oil on Paper
50×65 cm


Oil on Canvas
100×150 cm


Oil on Canvas
60×30 cm





Starting from the oil paintings of the’80s, the post-impressionist lesson of Gauguin and Van Gogh, Bonnard and Matisse is perceived, with a pictorial matter plein lumière.
After discovering the Spanish realism of Joaquín Sorolla, his inquiring eye, the detective of the Fauves colors, becomes, in the last decade, the sharp, bitter artist of “bathers” and “swimmers”. He emphasized the physical appearance of the human figure immerged in the water of a swimming pool, first becoming the realist of a modern life explored with a vitriol torch, then he turns into – he, ironic and skeptical snatcher of portraits and animals put on the same level by a shared, insuppressible materiality –a sort of lost visionary, against his will. In these paintings the entire sumptuous and avid legacy of Matisse is found, but also the enchantment, the suspense, the anxious amazement of Rimbaud and Valéry.


Since many years he’s present on various important Art Fair in Italy and Europe.

Multiple one-man show in famous Art Gallery; most recents to Acquario e Civica Stazione Idrobiologica in Milan, Civic Gallery of Palazzo Todeschini in Desenzano (BS),  Miller Gallery in Cincinnati in USA, Union Bank Suisse in Lugano, Gallery Spath Coburg in Bayern, Villa Panphili in Rome. He was invited to “Premio Morlotti” at Permanente di Milano e alla Biennial of engraving in Campobasso, Palazzo della Provincia Reggio Calabria.

On 2012 he had a great exposition in Rome at Chiostro del Bramante, in concomitance with the prestigious exhibition of Joan Mirò “Mirò!Poesia e Luce”.

In 2014 he exhibit at the Museum Palace in Spoleto, Collicola Visual Arts, with the staff: “The Senses Liquids” by Gianluca Marziani.

In May 2015 he was invited for a one-man show at the Galleria Civica of Potenza and on July exhibit in Taormina in Chiesa del Carmine, by local administration. On September he had another one-man show in Nuremberg at the gallery Kunstkontor. Also, Claudio has collaborated with the Metropolitan Gallery in Hamburg, Augustin Gallery  in Vienna and Gallery Ramson in London. And Marta Hewett Art Gallery in Cincinnati USA one man show in 2017.

2018 one-man show in Matera “ Fondazione Sassi”,Baf  Bergamo, Laveno Mombello (Va) Galerie Menouar Parigi, Fair Luxemburg.

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