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Federica PETRI was born in Turin on 1 July 1982.

She learns painting techniques at the Art school Renato Cottini and She attends the University of Art disciplines, music and entertainment.

In 2005 Federica Petri began writing a collection of food for thoughts related to her paintings. She experiments different techiques that improving her skills and incorporate she in the artistic world. This facts will stimulate Federica closes to a more “esoteric” world in order to investigate about religions bringing she to be very active in social events. Petri is curious, precise and she has a quick thinking mind.

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Watercolor on cardboard
25×30 cm


Mixed Media On Canvas
120×80 cm


Mixed Media On Canvas
60×30 cm


Mixed Media On Canvas
140×70 cm


Mixed Media On Canvas
100×70 cm


Mixed Media On Canvas
100×70 cm


Mixed Media On Canvas
60×40 cm


Mixed Media On Canvas
60×30 cm


Mixed Media On Canvas
100×70 cm


Mixed Media On Canvas
80×40 cm


Watercolor on cardboard
25×30 cm



Mixed Media On Canvas
140×80 cm


From 2010 to present her artistic research regarding paintings is primarily address to the human beings.

From the psyche to diversity and the coexistence among these are the main topics. Journalists define Federica the “mental artist”, because she investigates at two communication level :verbal and symbolic.For Federica, two sides of the same coin, that coexisting in every human being.

In 2012 she writes a book published by Lit editions-Intent, to luglio 2014.

Fear and Faith, the name of the book, explains the ways and reasons for which people could lose their conscience . She was supported by various spiritual fathers while writing her book; these meetings contribute to her human and professional growth. Eclectic artist, she studies the individual and ‘ groups ‘ and she makes it with an open gaze.

One of the Her citation: “you must living art , not do it!” In life I cannot limit myself to the appearance of a gaze, but must investigate the reality in which I live. In light as in darkness, I search the deeper aspects beacause in a different way I only project the shadow of ourselves..”

Ying and yang. Black and white. Light and shadow,contrasts that clashing create something. Her works always have a cryptic meaning that it is hidden to an inattentive observer.

Federica Petri, you can understand her personality by looking at her works, but only with attention.


  • 4/8 December 2019 – Red dot Miami
  • 1/30 March 2019 – Atelier gallery – staff: “unconscious territories”.
  • 01 December 2018 – AUCTION FOR HAITI – Albertina Academy of Fine Arts
  • 20 October / 24 December 2018 staff: “Corpo Uniti – Man & Donna” Atelier Gallery – Turin
  • 16/28 June 2018 – collective Palazzo Birago in via Carlo Alberto-To
  • 21 May / 30 August 2016 – HUMAN RIGHTS – diversity. Campana dei Caduti Foundation – Rovereto (Trento). With the sponsorship of the Autonomous Region of Trentino-Alto Adige / Südtirol
  • May 20, 2016 CoArtDesign Gallery. staff: “Fragments of matter” – Vinovo.
  • May 14th / June 15th
  • The work “Dreamscape” by Federica Petri exhibited at the Mausoleum of the Bela Rosin – Strada Castello di Mirafiori, 148/7 – 10135 Turin.
  • 21 May 2016 GAM award ceremony – Plaque of merit competition Interaction metropolis of Turin “Civic Gallery of Modern Art
  • 15 April – 2016 Bertoni.collettiva Foundation Salone degli Specchi in Piazza Montebello, 1. Turin
  • 04–20 December 2015 “International Peace Expo – contemporary art” – Cultural Center and Monumental Complex of Santa Chiara in Vibo Valentia – ARECHI CASTLE TROPHY 2015 / Contemporary ART.
  • 05/12 December 2015 -DUBAI-ITALIAN ART FAIRMall of the Emirates – Dubai community theater and arts center DUCTAC
  • 17 November / 2 December 2015 collective: MIIT Museum – Corso Cairoli, 4 – Turin. Turin Biennale
  • 16-18 October 2015 – Center Of Modern Art Museum Site Oud Sint-Jan / Bruges (BELGIUM) – World Heritage Site – Unesco: “FROM THE IMPRESSIONISM AND PICASSO TO CONTEMPORARY ARTISTS.”
  • September 2015 – personal: “electro gallery” of via Saluzzo in Turin- “At the borders of the soul”.
  • 31 May / 30 August 2015 – Rovereto: “GANDHI – SHALOM SHULAM’HUMAN RIGHTS?” #tHE HOUSE OF PEACE Opera Campana dei Caduti Foundation – Rovereto-Trentino-Alto Adige / Südtirol, TRENTO.
  • 11 – 26 FEBRUARY 2015 at the MIIT MUSEUM – Corso Cairoli, 4 / in Turin. collective: “Peace, from Chagall and Mirò to the contemporaries”.
  • 06/15 February 2015 – Diocesan and Chapter Museum -Via XI February, 4 – TERNI. “Lighting of love”, Madè public relations.
  • 31 October 2014 Galleria SPAZIO 100.collettiva “jump-stArt”. turin
  • July 2014 publication “PAURA E FEDE”. The publishing house Intento / gruppo Castelvecchi


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