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Giuseppe Guanci after attending, when he was just 11 years old, the School of Arts and Crafts “Leonardo da Vinci” of Prato, in 1978 he graduated from the Liceo Artistico of  Florence.
In 1981, following his participation in various collective exhibitions, he held his first personal watercolors and drawings at the Centro Studi Arti Visive in Prato.
In the mid-Eighties began the study of three-dimensional works that, after a decade, thanks also to the meeting with some Florentine designers, some of which became famous, gave a renewed vitality to his artistic career which, in 1994, resulted in a personal castle of Murlo (SI), which will be followed by another important exhibition held in the Palazzo Pretorio in Prato. Subsequently he took part in various exhibitions and prizes, including the X edition of the Italy Prize for the visual arts in Certaldo (FI) – Palazzo Pretorio, where he was awarded for the “Virtual portrait”.
In 2002 he graduated in Architecture in Florence, starting to deal with design, temporarily abandoning the artistic activity, then resumed in 2009 with the first work of the new series “Tessoforme”, exposed to ART’O – Rome – EUR – Palazzo dei Congress.

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corten steel wire – oxidized copper wire

200x180x220 cm


copper wire

55X40X125 cm


copper wire

170x40x45 cm


bronze wire

105x50x48 cm


copper wire

58x60x66 cm


bronze wire

60x65x120 cm


copper wire

37x57x65 cm


copper wire – brass wire

130x80x50 cm


copper wire

72x25x50 cm


copper wire

50x50x60 cm


oxidized copper wire

120x70x15 cm


corten steel wire

60x70x75 cm


In 2013 he held the personal “Tessoforme” in Prato – former Church of San Giovanni, which will be followed by the presentation of his work, in the context of “Artists at km 0”, at the Luigi Pecci Prato Contemporary Art Center. In August of the same year he held a personal exhibition inside the Orsini Fortress of Sorano (GR).
In November 2013 he participates with an intervention and some works at the conference “Arte Quantistisca, Scienza and Augmented Reality: synergies of innovation” synergies of innovation “Chiostro di Sant’Agostino – Pietrasanta (LU)
In April 2014 he exhibited a selection of his works in the exhibition “The forms of the void”, at the BBS-pro space in Prato, showing that, in a more extensive form, it was held in June also in the former Customs Office of the Atripalda (AV).
In March 2015 he was asked to create a sculpture-trophy “for the national event ANTER GREEN AWARDS 2015, held at the Palacongressi in Rimini.
Subsequently he exhibited some works at the gallery art GATTAROSSA ART of Piombino and created an exhibition-event within the Aurubis Italia plant in Avellino, on the occasion of a European meeeting of the main copper producers.
In April 2016 he created the event “Tessoforme in vetrina”, a widespread display of his works in the shops in the center of Sesto Fiorentino (FI).
Between August and November he realizes the exhibition “L’essenza della forma” inside the Abbey of San Galgano, Chiusdino (SI).
In October 2017 he realizes the site specific work: JAEL, at the State Archives of Prato – Palazzo Datini, inside the exhibition “Dall’ombelico alambicco. A very long thread between past and present “.
He also exhibited some works in the Art Gallery gallery, Cesello di Pietrasanta, in the Kunstgalerie Bachlechner gallery in Dietikon – Zurich, in Galleria 93 in Prato and in the Palladian villa Trissino Rossi in the province of Vicenza, as well as participating in the 2018 edition of the Art Fair Vicenza.
Recently she started a collaboration with some Italian starred chefs, then culminated with the participation, in September 2018, at the biennial of art and taste “Culinaria” – Rome – Palazzo WeGil.
The works of Guanci, which he calls “Tessoforme”, are completely empty and transparent. They are characterized by a research on the void and what it “contains”, in an attempt to circumscribe it with a very thin metal wire, with which the shapes are “drawn” in space, creating a sort of superficial texture.
The philosophical aspect that underlies it, refers to the concept of emptiness, to which also the oriental thought refers, being the same gestures, with which they are realized, fundamentally meditative, in its repetition of an infinity of interweaving that, in the they, together, give place to the form, evoking at the same time also the immateriality, not being constituted by real surfaces, but only suggested by the network of lines, which however our mind returns to us as a complete figuration. In fact, the gaze can pass through them and the attention can be deposited on what is beyond, even on similar figures placed behind them, or both merged in a new unusual creation that varies according to the point of view or the conditions of light. In fact, if invested by a direct light, these become material, while backlit, we witness their dematerialization.
Ultimately a metaphor of the “form vacuity”, which also refers to quantum physics, demonstrating that reality is nothing but a void that only our illusory sensory experience can make concrete.
Currently Giuseppe Guanci lives and works in Prato, in Tuscany, taking care not only of sculptures, but also of architectural design, publication of books on industrial archeology and Feng Shui.

Facebook: Tessoforme by Giuseppe Guanci
Instagrame: giuseppeguanci6062

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