Mauro Paparella


“My artworks project on canvas, colours and torments of sleepless nights like to prove the presence of a parallel, disquieting and wonderful world…..”

Mauro Paparella was born in Benevento in the 1962. In early age he moved with his family to Sapri a small town situated South West of Italy, long the Policastro’s Gulf cost, were he started to nurture his passion for the art. He lives his teens in a turbulent and adventurous way, frequenting particular and unconventional friends bringing him to know many cities of Italy, of which the cultural influences will contribute to develop a sensitive and creative personality.



Acrylic on canvas
62 1/5 × 44 1/10 in
158 × 112 cm


Acrylic on canvas
47 1/5 × 66 9/10 in
120 × 170 cm


Acrylic on canvas
47 1/5 × 61 2/5 in
120 × 156 cm


Acrylic on canvas
46 1/2 × 63 in
118 × 160 cm


Acrylic on canvas
46 1/2 × 60 1/5 in
118 × 153 cm


Acrylic on canvas on plexiglass
25 3/5 × 29 1/2 in
65 × 75 cm


Digital print on black plexiglass
27 3/5 × 31 1/2 in
70 × 80 cm


Acrylic on canvas
59 1/10 × 43 3/10 in
150 × 110 cm


Acrylic on canvas
55 9/10 × 39 2/5 in
142 × 100 cm


Acrylic on canvas
59 4/5 × 43 3/10 in
152 × 110 cm


Acrylic on canvas
54 3/10 × 37 in
138 × 94 cm


Digital print on black plexiglass
27 3/5 × 31 1/2 in
70 × 80 cm


Acrylic on canvas
45 3/10 × 61 4/5 in
115 × 157 cm

More About

The long distance from big cities and youth period vicissitudes impede him from studying in an Academic College of Art. This won’t preclude his studies as self-taught, experimenting various painting techniques and of the art in general.
From the early 1980s and for about twenty years after, the artist paints hundreds of artworks of which the majority has been catalogued as ‘’experimental’’. Almost all of them have been destroyed or donated, due to his deep dissatisfaction caused by a severe self-critique aimed to search for and not better defined as an artistic characterisation that delay to consolidate at that time
The stubbornness in experimenting ever more daring solutions in the end have rewarded Mauro Paparella who, having finished his studies on colours, was able to give life to his own particular artistic style, proposed finally without turmoil and hesitations.

The Campanian artist, from his own choice and for many years has preferred not to present publically his artworks, considering this relationship as something profoundly intimate and personal.
Once stopped procrastinating and motivated by his loved once, Mauro Paparella finally decide to introduce himself to the great public. He starts collecting approvals and prices that allow him to affirm himself in the emerging most appreciated artists list. Truly particular is the genesis of his work that gets conceived at night forcing the artist into long vigil in constant research for that particular uniqueness to be passed on canvas the morning after.

Recent Development

  • Selected for the event ”Incinque open Art” in Roma.
  • Selected for the Saphira & Ventura’s Gallery in New York.
  • First award winner of the “A. Grassi” International Competition.
  • Winner of the “Luci d’artista” special award in Salerno.
  • Chosen artist for the artistic representation of the “Via Crucis” at the Italian Diocesan Museums.
  • Winner of the “Special Critic Award 2019” for the centenary of master Alfonso Grassi birth.
  • Exhibition with special mention at the “International Contemporary Art” in Milan.
  • First award winner of “IX Donata Doni Competition”.
  • Critic award winner of “Art without boundary ”.
  • First award winner of “Etere Art 2019”.


“Experiment, the combining of several painting techniques and the emotional torment are key points on which Mauro Paparella’s art is based. His painting combine together several artistic themes: informal, figurative, cubistic, expressionist, décollage and new realism. An artistic vortex that has induced the artist to a tormented experimentation from which comes an art made of emotions and strong sensations. In each one of his painting there is a constant presence: the Sun. It’s illustrated in various colours depending on the feeling that arise from deep inside of the artist. This star is a omniscient divinity with its supreme cosmic power, centre of being, intuitive knowledge and eye of the inner world. Even the colour has a fundamental rule. In some points assume a scratching look like a divine hand had opened a gap in the canvas, allowing contact between the user and the upper world. The background becomes the scenic stage of an imaginary theatre in which people from the past, houses and buildings, strange men with empty eyes or with cubic head find space. Each thing, person or architecture, live in close relation and it’s metaphor of agony and deep emotions of real life. The artist analyses the human being psychology and visibly describes the hidden kisses of two lovers that happen to be spied by whom pretend not to see but knows it all. He tells of his interior “I” through blind gaze and emptied orbits just like Modigliani did over his time. He also tells us to give the right weight to big and small things, nice and painful and soon or later the whole finds its own balance as if each human being was a small card of Rubik’s cube.”

Reviewed by Dott.ssa Mariangela Bognolo
In occasion of the International Expo of Peace and Contemporary Visual Art.
Visual Art’s Great Trophy “Colours of the Art

“Since the beginning Mauro Paparella perceives his artistic vocation as experimental passion, ranging throughout techniques and means , also digitals, to obtain with determination the achievement of his own style, recognisible, that is based on the care of the whole aspects of the artwork, from the support through the attentive and meditated study of the colour and to its given effects on the visual and psyche of the viewer.
Occasionally in his artworks we notice pieces of history, celebrities and strange figures come to life by means of colour.  It’s matter of bright colour, intense, with strong contrasts, that combines warm, cold and complementary shades to obtain spatial effects which appear to break the painting surface, to let emerge songs from the past by interiors apocalyptic scenarios, almost to prefigure a possible future perspective and at the same time, paint the altering screen of the subjective vision.”

Reviewed by Dott.ssa Maria Palladino
On the occasion of International Contemporary Art.
“Bordless Art”

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