Oil on Canvas
70×70 cm


Oil on Canvas
70×70 cm


Oil on Canvas
100×80 cm


Oil on Canvas
100×80 cm


Oil on Canvas
100×80 cm


Oil and Acrylic on Canvas
100×80 cm


Oil on Canvas
120×100 cm


Oil and Acrylic on Canvas
110×90 cm


Oil on Canvas
150×100 cm


Oil and Acrylic on Canvas
140×90 cm


Oil on Acrylic canvas
150×100 cm


Oil on Canvas
140×90 cm


Oil on canvas
120×80 cm


Oil and Acrylic on Canvas
120×70 cm


Oil and Acrylic on Canvas
110×90 cm



Oil and Acrylic on Canvas
100×80 cm



since 2015 – Co-founder member of the Artistic Cultural Association Artee20, representative of the artistic committee.
2012 – Professional painter, portrait painter
2003 – 2012 Professional artist in interior design, trompe l’oeil, interior decorations and frescoes
1997 – 2003 Artemis snc Founding partner – interior design, trompe l’oeil, interior decorations, frescoes

Higher Institute of Art, Crafts and Restoration – Rome

European Institute of Design – Pescara

Artistic Lyceum – Pescara

Collective Exhibitions

Personal Exhibition

2020 – “Insolito Rosa” Artee20 Merate LC
2020 – “Art Innsbruck” Messe Innsbruck, Tyrol Austria
2019 – “Art Shopping” Carrousel du Louvre Paris
2019 – “Humanizing the icon” Palazzo Zenobio Venice VE
2019 – “Democracy in art” Steam factory Milan MI
2019 – “Figurative painting in Brera” Spazio M’Arte Milan MI
2019 – “The state of the art at the time of the 58th Venice Biennale” Palazzo Zenobio Venice VE
2019 – Arcadia Gallery Milan MI 2019 – “Milan Art design week “UNA Hotel Milano MI
2019 -” Inspiration “Artee20 Merate LC
2019 -” Arte & Sensi “Artee20 Merate LC
2018 -” Artbox Project “Armory Artweeks New York
2018 -” Painting meets Gozzano “Artee20 Merate LC
2018 – “Milano Art design week” UNA Hotel Milano MI
2018 – “Arte Padova” Padova PD
2018 – “Gran Premio dell’Arte” Milan MI
2018 – “Art Shopping” Carrousel du Louvre Paris
2018 – “Affordable Art” The Ramparts ex Aera Cazzaniga di Merate LC
2017 – “BAM! Launch Party “Singapore
2017 -” Affordable Art “The ramparts ex Aera Cazzaniga of Merate LC
2017 -” Maia “Municipal Library Costamasnaga LC
2016 -” Affordable Art “The ramparts ex Aera Cazzaniga of Merate LC
2016 -” International day against violence on women “The ramparts ex Aera Cazzaniga of Merate LC
2016 -” Poetry in Art “The ramparts ex Aera Cazzaniga of Merate LC
2015 -” Mercy “Palazzo Prinetti Merate LC
2015 -” Borders “The ramparts ex Aera Cazzaniga of Merate LC

2019 – “Art and Soul” UNAHOTELS Mediterranean Milan MI
2017 – “Passages and beyond” Palazzo Marquis of Galatone LE
2016 – “Passages” The ramparts ex Aera Cazzaniga of Merate LC

References / Criticisms

May 2019
Passepartout Unconventional Gallery Milan – Winner of the popular jury prize 8th edition of the “Women in rebirth” competition December 2019 An artist who puts the viewer in front of a unique and wonderful language that touches the spheres of heart and mind. The emotions aroused by the most beautiful and multiple facets of life are shown on canvas, with the help of his great passion for art, his talent, thanks to the magic of colors: the color of emotions. Those who look at his works must surely go further and try to understand what he felt at that moment, in the moment of their creation. There are paintings that speak of love, others of suffering, others of joy, of expressiveness, of pathos, of decisive brush strokes. Magical warm tones that create timeless atmospheres. But the ever present and characteristic element of the artist is emotion; the emotion that makes the heart speak and silence the mind, which involves the observer and transports it to a parallel universe, where she is the protagonist. A sort of continuity is created between the canvases and life, which only the most sensitive souls can grasp. However, behind the final result, there is a long and careful study of the tonal values ​​that allowed him to use colors with amazing results. He therefore likes the idea of ​​seeing things in other things. Looking at life from a painting…. And that depends on which side one sees the sky. There is a lot of light in the paintings. The light that embraces color, light that dictates the times and rhythms of life and human passions. Looking at his works, we try and try to understand through those colors, albeit sometimes veiled by a melancholy awareness of the fragility of life, but also its infinite perpetuation, which is the emotional message that you want to give to the observer.
P. Di Francesco

December 2017
Monica Abbondanzia lives and works between Lecco and Pescara, who has always been passionate about art and design for a long time has created interior decoration works and commissioned pictorial works. The techniques acquired during the years of training in graphics and in the fresco and restoration courses make her a multifaceted artist with a contemporary edge. Energy, intensity and dynamism are the characteristics that distinguish the painting from the first glance. The bright chromatic variations, combined in harmony or dissonance, spread with fluidity in overlapping plots to express the complexity of life, with its dynamics and its relationships. He deliberately implements an incisive and modern expressive synthesis, with broad brushstrokes, glazes or dense spatulas, transmits to his themes inner strength and awareness typical of strong and sensitive personalities often hidden by reserved and delicate ways. Monica Abbondanzia sings her life, richly emotional, reflective and passionate with effective and original means of expression, in continuous transformation, intensely felt.
M. Bollani

Maggio 2015

Un talento cristallino unito ad una determinazione appassionata fanno di Monica Abbondanzia un’artista che sa coniugare istanze usualmente opposte: la tecnica con la spontaneità, l’armonia con l’originalità, la forza con la delicatezza. Ama il tema del ritratto col quale esprime il suo mondo poetico e la sua personalità ricchi di sentimento e di vivacità. Il piacere di lavorare in grandi formati, che sapientemente domina, ci rivela un spirito coraggioso e il bisogno di ampi respiri, di gesti e pennellate che si allargano in un abbraccio. La sua tavolozza è ricca ed intensa, mai prevedibile. La sua visione, con carattere ed eleganza,  mostra accordo tra le peculiarità del tema e l’espressività dell’autrice.

  1. Bollani
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